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Welcome to our recent posts
10th June, 2021
Getting your clients to do your marketing for you
Authored by zakaria.khan_43930
The results of a recent global survey we carried out of 3,500 senior buyers of consulting will be particularly interesting to those within consulting...

Don’t hide your light under a bushel
13th May, 2021
Don’t hide your light under a bushel
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
Let’s start with a few facts. A lot of money is spent by consulting firms on producing thought leadership, including reports, articles, insights,...

8th April, 2021
Rethinking the art of the possible
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
We’re all well aware of the pressures placed on consulting firms to meet unprecedented client demand for insights to help them deal with the COVID...

15th March, 2021
2020 has changed things—but how much will stick?
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
The COVID pandemic has shaken up the thought leadership landscape in a variety of ways, which become all the more apparent when ...

15th February, 2021
Why it’s good to change old habits
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
For the last few weeks, the Source thought leadership team has been busy rating a huge amount of consulting firm content to input to our Quality...

15th January, 2021
Our thought leadership predictions for 2021
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
The events of 2020 have undoubtedly shaken things up in the world of consulting firm content production. From our unique...

4th January, 2021
Three ideas to help your thought leadership make a difference
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
As we approach the end of a year in which the COVID pandemic has swung a wrecking ball through normal life as we knew it, I’ve been reflecting on...

10th December, 2020
Thought leadership for an audience of one
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
OK, maybe not quite one. Producing great thought leadership is an expensive and time-consuming business, after all, so it makes sense to ensure that...

25th November, 2020
What makes for good thought leadership right now?
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
We’re often asked about what makes good thought leadership, and while we’ve got a well-established view on that, we’re not the...

2nd July, 2020
Describing what your firm does is always difficult, but getting it right has never been more important. Could thought leadership help?
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
Many of the conversations we’ve been having with professional services firms over the course of the last few months have ended up focusing on the...