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Welcome to our recent posts
28th May, 2020
Tread softly
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
The next time you stop for a coffee, go and look at the home pages of the world’s leading consulting firms. What do you see? Thought leadership....

24th April, 2020
Is there a thought leadership danger zone right now?
Authored by zakaria.khan_43930
Spend any time analysing the marketing messages landing in your inbox right now and you might notice that they tend to fall into one of three...

25th March, 2020
Choose your idols carefully
Authored by zakaria.khan_43930
Analysis of our thought leadership ratings over the course of the last decade reveals a narrowing of the gap between the lowest- and highest-ranking...

21st February, 2020
Among all the things your firm does, how important is thought leadership?
Authored by Zoe Stumpf
Every year we conduct a big survey of clients (senior end users of consulting services) in which we ask them a wide range of questions relating to...

24th January, 2020
CxOs? They're the easy ones.
Authored by zakaria.khan_43930
Our recent report, Missing the point, found surprising evidence about CxOs in relation to thought leadership. It found them to be harder-working,...

23rd October, 2019
The long and short of it
Authored by Ella Jolley
There seems to be an obsession with the length of thought leadership today, to the point where it’s tempting to conclude that publishers see it as a...

18th September, 2019
Thought leadership: It’s all relative
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
Along with terrible haircuts, padded shoulders, and beige, French post-structuralist critical theory was really big in the 1980s. Much of what was...

22nd August, 2019
When it comes to thought leadership, there is nothing new under the sun...
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9  Looking back...

25th July, 2019
You’ve got the horse, you’ve got the water…
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
We’re all used to the idea that you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink, but when it comes to their thought leadership, far too many...

27th June, 2019
The role of thought leadership in key account management
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
Key account management is more important than ever. The areas of highest growth in professional services are in multidisciplinary services—work that...