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Welcome to our recent posts
27th September, 2018
Why don't consultants want to tell people what to do?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Consultants make their living from telling organisations how to do things better. So why, when it comes to thought leadership, are they so hesitant...

8th August, 2018
Our survey reveals that...people aren’t all that keen on surveys
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
The irony of us carrying out a survey, to demonstrate that people aren’t all that keen on surveys, is not lost on us. When asked what they would find...

27th July, 2018
Why not ask for a little bit more in return for your thought leadership?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
We spend an awful lot of time on consulting firms’ websites, checking out what content is promoted and how. But despite our visits to so many...

29th May, 2018
Are you selling your thought leadership to website visitors?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Our research with buyers of consulting services demonstrates just how important thought leadership is to them. Every year we survey senior end-users...

20th April, 2018
Worrying about your audience--blessing or curse?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
“If you have an over-preoccupation with perception and trying to please people’s expectations, then you can go mad.”*Self-help gurus and successful...

28th March, 2018
Strong storylines never go out of fashion
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
During my consulting career, I worked in what we called “The Shop”. This wasn’t a tuck shop for hungry consultants but rather a small team created to...

26th February, 2018
Seventeen firms could have topped our quality rankings
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
We know many creators of thought leadership look at firms at the top of our quality rankings--firms such as IBM, Deloitte, and The Boston Consulting...

19th January, 2018
Three thought leadership opportunities for 2018
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Whether its fitness, personal goals, or thought leadership, January is a natural time to reflect on the past year and, ideally, figure out what we...

22nd November, 2017
Moving your readers to get in touch
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
When was the last time you made contact with the experts behind an article or book? Encouraging more readers and viewers to make contact is a...

11th October, 2017
A lesson in how not to write thought leadership
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
  I didn’t set out to find a really bad example of thought leadership. In fact, I set out to find “different perspectives on strategic...