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Welcome to our recent posts
19th September, 2017
Is your thought leadership structurally sound?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
  When London’s Millennium Bridge opened in June 2000 there was much fanfare celebrating the first new river crossing to be built in the...

14th July, 2017
Passion: The key ingredient in great thought leadership?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
  Passion. It’s an overused word. People are passionate about fashion, beauty, and cocktails. The sporty-minded are passionate about...

16th January, 2017
What we can all learn from McKinsey’s top 10 articles of 2016
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
I possibly shouldn’t be admitting to this, but I’m always excited to see new data that has the potential to offer insights into how senior executives...

16th November, 2016
Which Beyoncé are you?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
  On whichever dimension you wish to benchmark yourself—whether you’re keen to know Which Beyoncé are you? or How wise are you?—there’s...

10th November, 2016
Facing up to the challenge of measuring ROI on thought leadership
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
In our recent survey of marketing and thought leadership professionals, we asked about the biggest challenges organisations face when it comes to...

22nd August, 2016
Why are you doing what you're doing?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Asking “why?”, preferably multiple times over with a thoughtful look on one’s face, is a tried-and-tested consulting technique—and one we’re not...

14th June, 2016
When AI starts writing thought leadership
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
I have to confess to having described, in some of my more confrontational moments, pieces of thought leadership as something that could have been...

23rd May, 2016
Have you seen Deloitte’s DataUSA?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
As a Brit, cynicism is in my DNA, and heaping praise on a well-established consulting firm does not come naturally. So you can imagine my dismay when...

22nd April, 2016
Infographics: So last year?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
This blog would have been completed a whole lot sooner had a it not been for our latest interviewee, Bill Shander[1], introducing us to...

17th March, 2016
Writer's block? How to make the most of professional writers
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Read as much thought leadership as we do and it becomes fairly obvious when something has gone awry in the relationship between thought leader and...