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Welcome to our recent posts
5th February, 2015
Annual publications in financial services: how to avoid yours going bad
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Annual publications are an entrenched feature of the financial services thought leadership landscape. Most consulting firms have one, if not many,...

1st February, 2015
Can you have thought leadership without a thought leader?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Think back to the last time you read something that caused you to reassess some aspect of your approach to your work or personal life. Got it? Next...

22nd December, 2014
Leveraging the personal recommendation
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Our research back in July on the impact of thought leadership clearly demonstrated that one personal recommendation is much more likely to drive...

1st December, 2014
When “data-driven” isn’t a compliment
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Surveying senior executives in global companies is not easy – or cheap. So when all that lovely data arrives back it is rather tempting to make...

20th November, 2014
“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.”
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
…So said Lee Iacocoa, American businessman. Easy to say yet often desperately difficult to do, motivating other people is possibly the one...

1st November, 2014
Are you paying enough attention to your emails?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
One of the stand-out insights from our survey of 400 senior executives in the US1 is how important email is as a means of getting your content seen....

30th September, 2014
Should you be creating celebrities?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Should consulting firms be directing a greater proportion of their time and money towards building up the profiles of individual consultants within...

31st August, 2014
Incentives for producing thought leadership – where does quality come in?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
We know from our conversations with firms and our recent survey1 (see chart), that many consultants are being incentivised to produce thought...

1st August, 2014
What inspires people to write thought leadership?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Earlier this year we contacted the authors of the best material we’ve seen over the past twelve months to ask them to complete a survey about why and...

30th June, 2014
Blogs in search of personality
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
“Content is professionally written but not particularly engaging or challenging.” “Very varied in terms of quality and typically not engaging.” “Some...