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Welcome to our recent posts
6th June, 2019
The table of contents: RIP?
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
It’s easy to see why creators of thought leadership might not be fans of tables of contents: They invest thousands of hours creating hundreds of...

30th April, 2019
The PDF report isn’t dead—but it shouldn’t be the only option
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
When we run training sessions for creators of thought leadership, one query invariably arises: Have longer reports had their time and should we be...

28th March, 2019
Setting expectations for those who don’t go with the flow
Authored by lindsay.stark_12738
There are times when I’m more than happy to go with the flow—I’ll cheerfully stop for a chat when I bump into a friend, am happy to lose track of...

28th February, 2019
Four lessons from 20 years of analysing thought leadership
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Source has been analysing the quality of thought leadership for 20 years and White Space subscribers can access our reports from the past six years....

6th February, 2019
Three thought leadership predictions for 2019
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Keen to stay ahead of the curve, or at least to know what curve they’re falling behind, our clients often want to know what the latest trends are in...

29th November, 2018
Seeing yourself as others see you
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
It’s amazing how we pay such little attention to things that haven’t changed. That’s fine if those things are doing what they need to do, but it’s...

5th November, 2018
Why we all need to tell more—and more vivid—stories
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Think back over the things you’ve read and heard (rather than experienced first-hand) in the past week. What is most vivid? For me, it’s the...

27th September, 2018
Why don't consultants want to tell people what to do?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Consultants make their living from telling organisations how to do things better. So why, when it comes to thought leadership, are they so hesitant...

8th August, 2018
Our survey reveals that...people aren’t all that keen on surveys
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
The irony of us carrying out a survey, to demonstrate that people aren’t all that keen on surveys, is not lost on us. When asked what they would find...

27th July, 2018
Why not ask for a little bit more in return for your thought leadership?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
We spend an awful lot of time on consulting firms’ websites, checking out what content is promoted and how. But despite our visits to so many...