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Welcome to our recent posts
30th June, 2015
Is it possible to be thinking too far out of the box?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
One of the (hopefully many) interesting findings from our recent survey of senior executives in the US1 is that they are interested in content that...

31st May, 2015
But everyone else is doing that…
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
My eleven-year-old, in his desire to influence his parents, has been known to utter the phrase “But everyone else is going…” I credit my firm...

13th May, 2015
Does your right hand know what your left hand is writing?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
“The Apple what?” asks the sales assistant, blankly. “The Apple Watch” I offer, assuming he misheard me. I am in the Apple store, after all. “Apple...

30th April, 2015
What topic have you committed to?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been delving deep into sector-specific thought leadership (first financial services then healthcare). And what...

31st March, 2015
Why HBR can charge while you may be struggling to give away content for free
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Founded in 1922 as a magazine for Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Review has over 250,000 paying subscribers to its English-language...

2nd March, 2015
Who writes the best thought leadership?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Those who subscribe to our White Space quality ratings will be well aware that IBM, Deloitte, BCG and Capgemini Consulting are yet again in our top...

1st March, 2015
Our top eight tips for better thought leadership
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
In the process of creating our latest White Space quality ratings we reviewed nearly 400 pieces of thought leadership in detail. Reading and...

5th February, 2015
Annual publications in financial services: how to avoid yours going bad
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Annual publications are an entrenched feature of the financial services thought leadership landscape. Most consulting firms have one, if not many,...

1st February, 2015
Can you have thought leadership without a thought leader?
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Think back to the last time you read something that caused you to reassess some aspect of your approach to your work or personal life. Got it? Next...

22nd December, 2014
Leveraging the personal recommendation
Authored by Rachel Ainsworth
Our research back in July on the impact of thought leadership clearly demonstrated that one personal recommendation is much more likely to drive...